Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday was gorgeous!

I really meant to get more done yesterday, but the weather was so beautiful outside that I abandoned most of what needed to be done and took Itty Bitty Natalie outside to play.  After all, we're running out of decent days this year, and the house will still need to be cleaned up all winter long, so why not enjoy the day while it's here?

I slept in yesterday till 6:45 and felt quite decadent.  After I coaxed my 75-lb dog outside to do his business, I headed straight to the kitchen and made a pot of Chock Full o'Nuts, my favorite cheapie coffee ever.
Fueled by that, I was prepared when I heard my chatty girl wake up at 8:00.  I'm so glad she sleeps that long.  It may not last forever but right now it is delightful.

She woke up in a good mood, bed head and all.

After some Mama-Baby cuddle time on the couch, watching insipid baby cartoons, it was time for breakfast:
Frozen blueberries, ran through the food processor and swirled into plain yogurt, with crunchy raisin bran cereal, topped with almonds.  The yogurt was ice-cold from the fruit and the whole thing was WAY more awesome than it looked:

Itty Bitty is going through that picky-toddler thing right now and she was skeptical at first, but due to my devious tutelage, she thinks cereal is a cookie, so she thought she was getting away with something.  If it occurred to very small children to lick a bowl clean, she would have done so.

This is still pretty early into it.  After another 10 minutes, she looked more like this:

Well, except for the turning-into-a-blueberry-and-getting-rolled-away-by-orange-men part.

Lunch was ramen noodles.  I feel like a bad mom when I give this to her because she may well turn into a pillar of salt, but I know she loves them and I feed her good stuff most of the time.  I was going to give her the hummus I made that morning, because she's always been one to scarf down some hummus in a flour tortilla, but after she put the first bite in her mouth, she spat it back out and burst into tears.  I thought it tasted fine, and I know she's going through That Thing With Food right now, but it took the heart out of my hummus making and I didn't take any pictures.  I still think it tastes fine, though.

And supper was delicious, of course; salads of spinach and iceburg lettuce, topped with hardboiled eggs, carrots, leftover spaghetti squash, cucumber, and apple.  I highly recommend spaghetti squash as a salad ingredient, it is SO good.  Again, forgot to take a picture as I'm not in the habit yet, but next time will look roughly the same as this time, I promise.

Today I need to do something with the chicken I took out of the freezer yesterday; it's been thawing in the fridge and looks ready to cook.  I'm aiming to get 2-3 meals out of it, if I can keep The Man from gorging on it.  These less-meat menus we've had the last week have got him in a bit of a frazzle.  Fingers crossed, people.

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